USE 3 WAYS! Read Hands Free, Foldable Lap Desk, Folio! SPECIAL Onyx Marble Vinyl 9" W x 10½" H folded - 18' W x 10½" H open. Weighs 9.3 oz. Shipped folded. Small center rise on Lap Desk recedes when left open. Does not affect function. Closes with snap extension. A NEW WAY to enjoy magazines and other thin publications up to ½” thick. Clip L.E.D. Light on Bookmate-V - read, write in bed!

Magazine in Bookmate-V on Maxi-Rest In use as Folio Shown with clip-on L.E.D. light (not included)

BookMate V™
Bookmate-V / Charcoal Maxi-Rest Duo

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Bookmate-V (3 in 1)

Fits most laptop computer cases & backseat car pockets.